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Happens to everyone at times. Don't worry about it. Just worry about why your penis isn't hard in the morning

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Q: Why cant I clench my fist in the morning?
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Why can't some people make a fist?

we cannot clench our fist when we are laughing and cannot clench our fist after waking up as our bones have not "woke up" ??

How do you use the word clench in a sentence?

you could say "when i saw his fist clench, I thought he was going to hurt me"

What have you done when you clench your fist?

People can clench their fists when they are angry or frustrated, and this can happen for many different reasons.

What are the strategies to stress prevention?

clench your fist for 5 seconds or breathe in and out

What is hand pumping?

Take your dominaint hand, clench it into a fist, then jerk the air to the beat of the music.

How do you say shut in sign language?

Clench your hand in a fist then stretch it in front of you. Afterwards, proceed to raise your middle finger.

What song has lyrics if you wake up one morning and cant find me go back to the corner where we fist met?

the man who can't be moved

What can result if a tight fist is made while walking?

Nothing will result if a tight fist is made while walking. The only thing that will happen is that your hand might hurt if you clench it for too long.

How do you get someone b beat up?

You clench your fist into a ball then let it fly into the person's face!

How do you do history homework while giving blood?

You're not supposed to be doing anything while you give blood except lie there and clench your fist once in a while.

What is the plural for clench?

Clenches is the plural of clench

What cant Chuck Norris do?

lose a fist fight