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Cos its that that's causing the gas :)

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Q: Why can you taste what you've eaten when you burp?
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Do Venus Flytraps burp?

They do not burp because its pray is digested, not eaten.

Why do you taste bile when you burp?


Why do you taste broccolli after you've eaten it when you burp?

Because gasses are formed in the digestive process. These gasses either come up from the stomach, or are passed as flatulance if the gas is formed in the intestines.

What does it mean when you burp and taste soapy taste?

It means you ate something you probably shouldn't have...

How to taste with no eat?

You can put the food in your mouth, chew a little and then spit it out.

Every time you burp you taste blood why?

It's that your taste buds do something with your internal system causing a taste-related reaction. Either that or you are really weird

Why do you burp after swallowing semen?

You can burp after swallowing an amount of air with any food or drink. It's no different than a burp after swallowing soda or a bite of food.

What do pearls taste like?

Pearls are not to be eaten. If anything, they taste chalky.

What taste bud is used when a pickle is eaten?

sour taste buds

What should you do when you get a spicy burp?

Drink water it gets out the taste then brush your teeth including your tongue

What happens when you have green feces?

It can contain food colouring natural and synthetic from food youve eaten and can be a sign of digestive issues such as colic

What does witchitty grub taste like?

Witchitty grubs can be eaten in two ways, raw and cooked.When eaten raw they have the taste and texture of an oyster. If they are cooked they taste like scrambled egg.