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Much like the appendix, the spleen is not required for life. It is very useful since it holds and filters some of the blood supply and does some other immune system work. You can live without it because it's role is secondary to that of the liver and kidneys. It's like losing your arm as opposed to losing your head.

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Q: Why can you live without a spleen?
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Can a person live without a spleen?

yes a person can live without spleen but they only take it out if you have a special cancer

Can people live without a spleen?


Can you live without your spline?

No you can not live without a spline. If you mean spleen, yes you can live with out it. If you mean spine, no.

Will a human die without a spleen?

yes i think you can live without your spleen because my aunt got hers taken out i think!

How long can a person live without spleen?

you can live indefinatly without a spleen The spleen is essential for the formation of red blood cells in a fetus until the bone marrow develops. After birth it normally performs several important functions, but all of them can be taken over by by other organs.

Can i survive pneumonia without a spleen?

I did some research and found that a person CAN live without a spleen, however would be more prone to infections, and might have to take preventitive antibiotics.

Can you live without your spleen?

Yes you can, however chances are you will have to take antibiotics or other medication to help prevent infection. The spleen helps your immune system fight off infection as well as to remove old or damaged blood cells. It is best to have a healthy spleen but if it ruptures you may have to have it removed.

Are there any body systems we can live without?

Not really. We can live without some organs found in the systems but not the entire system. We can live without a spleen or a gallbladder but not the systems they are part of (circulatory and digestive).

Is the spleen part of the hematopoietic system?

The spleen does not make red blood cells. It acts as a very large lymph node and a reserve for extra blood if needed during hemorrhage. It is part of the immune system. A person can live without the spleen.

Can you live without your bone marrow spleen tymus lymph lymph nodes and tonsils?

It helps return leaked blood to your bloodstream.

What are facts about the human spleen?

You can survive without it!

Can you have kids without a spleen?

Generally, yes. However, since the spleen is a major organ of the immune system and helps protect against encapsulated organisms (eg, Haemophilus influenzae, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Neisseria meningitidis), individuals are susceptible to infections by these organisms following removal of the spleen (also called splenectomy).I am living proof that you can live without a spleen. My spleen was removed at the tender age of 12 (now 49) due to a rare inherited blood disorder (Spherocytosis) which caused my spleen to enlarge. Fortunately these days they will not take out your spleen unless absolutely necessary due the the reason given above. I have received many inoculations and am now taking penicillin for the rest of my life to help with my immune system.