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You most likely have a deviated septum.

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Q: Why can only breathe out of one nostril at any given time but I don't have a cold or a stuffy noseBut if i lean my head to one side i can breathe out of the opposite nostril What is wrong with my nose?
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What is stuffy nose and its causes?

a stuffy nose is when all the mucus in your body gets bloked at the top of your nostril and you find it hard to breathe out of !

How do you use the word breathe in sentence?

"I can breathe now" said Mr Smith. The stuffy nose made it difficult to breathe.

How is stuffy nose diagnosed?

When you can't breathe through your "nose-holes", I'd say you had a stuffy nose! Don't start using nose spray!!! You might end up getting addicted to it!!!

Why is it hard to breathe with a cold?

Because you have a stuffy nose when you get a cold.

Is stuffy an abjective?

Stuffy is an adjective

Dog has had a runny nose with occasional bloody snot the eye on the side of the stuffy nostril keeps rolling back in his head when he relaxes but can focus it and bring it back to center what is it?

Bleeding is abnormal. Your dog needs to see its Vet for accurate diagnosis and treatment, if any.

How can you make a sentence of the word stuffy?

How stuffy is the weather today. Cloudness and hot temperature make the weather stuffy.

What is stuffy?

Well, basically stuffy means packed like when your nose is stuffy. Stuffy can also mean a stuffed animal. Sometimes people call stuffed animals stuffies.

What are some tips for a stuffy nose?

You can us a neti pot it helps a lot all you need is a neti pot or a kettle pot and fill it up with water and put the spout in your nostril and tilt your head sideways and water will come out of your other nostril but if you don't want to waste your money on a neti pot you can take a cup of water and pour it down you nostril its a great way without pills or medication. also you can use acupressure but don't do it if you are pregnant.but you put both your pointer fingers and press them under your cheekbones and (press on it hard but not that hard) rub up and in.

How do use stuffy in a sentence?

The room felt hot and stuffy. My nose was stuffy, my head hurt, and I ached all over because I had a cold.

Why can you still breathe if your nose is blocked?

If you can breathe through a nose that is entirely blocked, that's amazing. Considering the fact that only one side is stopped up, and the other side is stuffy, runny ect, then yes you can still breathe. Its just inflamed blood vessels in the nose that results in congesting. Sometimes all blood vessels aren't affected, therefore making the nose partially blocked, resulting in the ability to breathe.

How does the common cold affect the respiratory system?

your stuffy nose makes it harder to breathe.