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they can be cancerous. watch for any irregular borders or changes in the mole.

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Q: Why can moles be dangerous and what should you do to monitor them?
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How can you tell if your mole is dangerous?

If you have moles that variate in shades of color and do not have smooth looking edges then you probably should have them looked at by a doctor.

Are moles dangerous to dogs?

can a mole in my yard hurt my small dog/

I have been noticing since I was very young small red moles more known as Neveus Cherry I probably have hundreds of them Can they be dangerous?

It can be dangerous but you should ask your doctor first, don't be afraid.

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You should go to a dermatologist to get moles removed.

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Are iris arteriovenous malformations dangerous?

They are usually benign. Your eye doctor will monitor them.

Can moles cause cancer?

Moles do not cause cancer, however, certain cancers, such as melanoma, can present with moles. Most moles aren't cancerous, but if you feel concerned, you should see a doctor, as the cancerous moles are very distinguishable from the regular moles.

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