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because your noses are sensitive to certain things. if we could smell our own our nose would probably react

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Yes. If you turn your nostrils inside-out and breathe through your mouth, I can always detect a little hint of nose hair and snot/boogers.

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Most people do smell their own flatulence when it first occurs, but then you get used to the smell and don't notice it any more.

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Q: Why can't we smell our own body odor?
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What is the smell from the tanning bulbs?

most likely what you are smelling is your own body odor or lotion.

We can't smell the perfume on our own body but a person approaching can smell it why?

We get used to the smell. You can smell it when you first put it on.

What does c4 smell like?

It has no odorAnswer:C4 (Butane) has no odor on its own but has odorous materials (Butyl- or methyl- mercaptan) added for leak detection.C-4 (the explosive) has a faint bituminous (oily) odor.

Do all people smell?

Yeahh every body has there own smell whether its horrible or lovely

What causes a fishy smell on old deodorant?

A bacterial infection usually causes a fishy odor, but it can be cured with . Deodorant kills only bacteria to stop the sweat from stinking specially most men not to take care own body.

Can girls smell their own vaginas?

You mean, can a woman smell her own vagina, like, as she sits at her desk or something, fully clothed? Then, no. Fully clothed or naked, a woman cannot detect the odor of her own vagina (providing she showers at least once or twice a week).

Why does my mother smell like old eggs?

Old eggs give off a smell like sulphur. Some clothing insecticides/deterrents like mothballs have this odour. Individual odortypes are genetically determined. Studies reveal that some women's body odor contains high levels of a sulfurous compound while men's often have high levels of fatty acid. Everyone has their own individual body odor, but some types of smells may reveal certain health problems. It is known that if your sweat smells like bleach, it may indicate kidney ailments, while fruity body odor often points to diabetic problems.

If a ferret is well taken care of will it stink?

Ferrets smell comes from their skin sebaceous glands which secretes a musk odor. Bathing causes a more pronounced odor because of the oils being stripped from the skin that causes an overproduction of oils to replace them. Most of the smell comes from the litter box and bedding.Advice from another contributor:They will still smell as the odor isn't a sign of an unhealthy or dirty ferret. I own a girl ferret and I don't notice she smells, but everyone who enters my apartment thinks it reeks of ferret, so you do get used to the smell.

Why do you think you smell good when you smell bad?

Because everyone is so use to their own smell (Good or Bad) that sometimes they cant tell the difference. It is up to them to keep up their personal hygiene.

Do people have different smells?

People smell differently all over the world. Each individual has their own unique "smell" or "odor" due to many factors. No person is exempt from having a scent unique to that person.

Does LPG has its own smell or other gas is mixed with LPG to make it smelly?

LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) does not have its own odor. A powerful odorant, ethanethiol, is added to LPG so that leaks can be detected easily.

When was The Smell of Our Own created?

The Smell of Our Own was created in 2003.