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The fish hasgills that they use to filter from the water the oxygen they need to as you say "breath" ,so when you put them on land there gills are not working anymore by filtering the water for oxygen because there is no water it's as you know just air (oxygen) so there gills are still trying to work but there is no water to filter oxygen for them.

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Fish have 'gills' which extract oxygen from water and so do not need lungs.

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Q: Why can't fish breathe on land?
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Why are you not a fish?

Because fish have gills, and breathe water- and I cant!

Why cant animals on land breathe under water and animals in the water cant breathe on land?

From what I know about chemical compunds, there is too much H (Hydrogen) in water for land animals to breathe as there is none in air, or close to it. Also, it doesn't include Argon or Nitrogen.For their counterpart, Water animals can not breathe air(Except for dolphins and lung fish) because they do not reach a sufficient amount of Hydrogen. That's my guess anyway.

Why do fish live in water instead of land?

Fish have evolved to breathe in the water.

How are fish adapted to water?

they arent because they cant breathe air

Why aquatic animals cannot breathe when they are on land?

they cant breathe because gills do not support air on land where many other gases are present

Can cnidarians breathe?

they have a mouth just like us, that is what helps them to breathe, but they cant breathe if they are out of water unless they are land animals, which most of them probably arent/

How fish survive in Antarctica?

They don't. Antarctica is a land mass and fish need water to be able to breathe.

Why fish cant go on land?

they will die >what a stupid answer!!

Can humans breathe oxygen and hydrogen combine?

no it is completely different are bodies cant breathe that only pure oxygen(o2). although fish can breathe the dissolved oxygen in water

What kind of monkeys live on land?

monkeys cant stay on land only fish do

Can fish breathe on land?

well no. unless u put it in a fish tank!!!

What is the Name of reptiles that live on land and in freshwater?

The term "amphibian fish" is a misnomer. Lung fish can breathe air however they are still fish and not amphibians.