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While we endeavour to answer everyone's questions within the best of our abilities and knowledge, the very fundamental ideology behind WikiAnswers inhibits it's fruition on occasions. Everyone, even those without a username, is capable of editing and answering questions. In a perfect online society (nigh impossible to create) everyone would answer each question within the Wiki codes of conduct, with sourced material and researched answers. Some people merely are not as well read as they should be on a subject before answering a question, and they will innocently incorrectly answer a question because of their lack of knowledge. Whilst they should have researched it properly prior to submitting it, they did so in good faith and did not mean to misinform the community at large. However, being an online community, there are some who use the anonymity of the internet to deliberately cause inconvenience to others and satisfy their own boredom. They will change answers to include obscenities, make up answers and generally create an ugly mess of an otherwise orderly system. Because of these vandals, we have to state that all of our answers are not complete fact. We, WikiAnswers as a whole, cannot be held responsible for harm that comes to others through the misinformation of one person. You might as well ask why people are not reliable. We're doing what we can, but if you can do better, please do so.

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Q: Why are your answers not reliable?
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