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Sensitivity to cold can be due to several factors. It can be the result of Allergies or sinus issues, anemia, or cold intolerance.

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Q: Why are you sensitive to cold drafts or sitting under fans?
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Can you gets aches and pains form cold drafts?

Yes, it is possible to get aches and pains from cold drafts, especially if it is very cold. Wrap up in a blanket or move away from the draft.

Are canaries sensitive to the cold?

No, Canaries are not sensitive to cold weather.

If you should keep your parakeet near the window?

No because cold drafts could give it a cold and it might die.

Does hamster likes cold?

No,you should never put a hamster near drafts or hot hot climates.

Are crocodiles sensitive to cold water?

Yes. Like all cold blooded creatures, crocodiles depend on their environment for warmth, and are thus very sensitive to cold water.

Is the iPod Touch heat sensitive or touch sensitive?

The iPod Touch has a heat sensitive screen. If you touch one with cold fingers it will not work.

How do you stop a cold?

by sitting in bed all day and taking cold drops

What you call somebody who is very sensitive to cold?


What is the tip of your tongue sensitive to?

hot,cold and when you bite it

Do budgies mind the cold?

Budgies are a tropical bird, originally from Australia, so yes, they mind the cold, especially drafts.

How do you stop a cold fast?

by sitting in bed all day and taking cold drops

Can eggs hatch if the hen stops sitting on them and they get cold?