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There are many reasons people are interested in working with developmentally disabled people. One main reason is they get a chance to make a difference in another persons life. It also feels good to help people.

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Q: Why are you interested in working with developmentally disabled people?
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Are you slow?

If someone is slow, it means that they are developmentally disabled. Many people that are slow are still able to have productive lives.

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What medications can a medical assistant specialist administer?

The answer depends on your state and possibly your job site. For instance, in New York Medical Assistants may not administer medications except if they work with developmentally disabled people.

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One reason you would be interested in working in a doctors office is because you like to help people. Many people feel compassion for people who are ill and want to help them and working in a doctors office allows them to do this.

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How many people become disabled from lower back pain?

About 3-4% of adults are disabled temporarily each year by LBP, with another 1% of the working-age population disabled completely and permanently

What is disabled people and poverty?

Disabled people - those who have lost their working skill due to accident or purely medical reasons.Poverty - The state where common people cannot make both ends meet in daily life.

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