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i don't understand how to get them.

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Q: Why are you having trouble getting the bonus outfits on imagine party babies?
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Which is better imagine baby club or imagine babies?

Imagine babies is better because you can paint your house and decorate yourself.

Do the babies grow in imagine babies Nintendo ds?


Which is rated better Imagine babies ds or Imagine fashine designer ds?

Imagine Fashion Designer is rated better.

Imagine babies cheats?

There aren't any yet.

Is club penguin a baby game?

No. Babies would not know how to play the game, and risk getting themselves in trouble. The game is specialized towards children.

Can babies on sims 3 disappear?

I think they can. My toddler disappeared once so I imagine babies can too.

Are swallow babies easy to kill?

I would imagine that most babies are easy to kill, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Do you always get items if babies are delighited when babies get picked up by their parents on imagine babies ds?

no one has any idea!! get a life please!

A Virtiual game you can take care of babies?

imagine baby for ds

Do the babies grow in imagine baby club?

i don't think so

How do you make it night on imagine babies?

Sadly, on the game 'Imagine Babies', it is not actually possible to turn daylight into nightime. But, you can put your baby to bed by rocking it in either the crib or the chair! Hope this helped. Shannellem

What are some popular gifts for babies?

Some popular gifts for babies could be diapers and wipes. Socks, outfits, and small teething toys make good gift for babies. You can also try giving them puzzles and blocks as well.