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Tonsils are lymphatic tissue - when working properly, they help combat infection. With several antibiotics that can successfully treat tonsillitis today, most doctors prefer to "heal" the tonsils and leave them in, rather than remove them, if possible. Tonsillectomies are still performed, but only on occasion, where as in the 1940s and 50's, they were routine.

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Because there are more advanced non-surgical treatments, than there were before. Removing the tonsils should be more of a last resort option, because of the importance they have in preventing illness.

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it was realized that this tissue is beneficial to the development of immunity. For instance, children without tonsils and adenoids produce only half the immunity to oral polio vaccine

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Q: Why are tonsils not removed as frequent anymore?
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How do you get a tonsil disease?

Tonsils are part of the immune system and so are quite resilient. When they get frequent infection they end up not working as well anymore and so are removed in a procedure called a tonsillectomy.

What gets removed during a tonsillectomy?

Both the tonsils are removed during tonsillectomy

Is getting your tonsils removed dangerous?

No, getting your tonsils removed is not dangerous. All your tonsils do is help with your immunity, if you get them removed it will not be a big deal. Hope this helped:)

Does getting your tonsils removed make you more athletic?

Unlikely, unless they were giving you so frequent trouble that you couldn't work out like you had planned.

Has miley got her tonsils removed?

What I've heard from a friend was that Miley Cyrus did get her tonsils removed!I wounder what she sounded like when she did have tonsils...TO BE CONTINUED...

What hospital did George Harrison have his tonsils removed?

George Harrison got his tonsils removed in 1969 at London Hospital.

Do you still have gag reflexes after having your tonsils removed?

Your gag reflexes should not be affected by having your tonsils removed.

Do tonsils have to be removed when one suffers from chronic enlarge tonsils?

o its up to you

Does everyone have to get their tonsils out?

NO. Not everyone has to get their tonsils out. The only reason you would have to get your tonsils out is for medical issues such as frequent sore throat.

What is a tonsillectomy?

This is the the medical term for having your tonsils removed.

Are adenoids removed along with tonsils?


Can you lose your tonsils twice?

No, once they have been removed that's it. WRONG! Your tonsils can grow back.