Why are tendons hard?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, hard but supple. There is a fine line there.

When you say hard, I assume you mean tougher than muscle and skin. All tissues are held together primarily by proteins secreted by cells that surround the cells called extracellular matrix. Cells alone are generally not very sturdy. The extracellular matrix is a combination of proteins that vary depending on what part of the body and what cells are secreting the proteins. The main structural proteins are collagens and elastin which are long helical (corkscrew shaped) proteins. Tendons and ligaments have more collagen and elastin than most tissues and this is what accounts for most of their durability. The types of collagen (and other proteins) and how they are hooked together (crosslinked) also has a large effect on the properties of the tissue. For example, the durability of cartilage is also due to extracellular matrix proteins but its character is very different from tendons and ligaments because the types and associations of the proteins is different.

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Q: Why are tendons hard?
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Are healthy tendons hard?

Yes, hard but supple. There is a fine line there.

Does hard soil tire out a horses tendons?

Hard soil is more likely to make joints sore, but it is easier on the tendons than soft soil. Deep, soft soil is actually the worst for tendons and ligaments. The best is to find a happy medium.

Why do muscles have to be soft and flexible while tendons have to be hard and soft?

Coz they do!!

What kind of soil is bad for horses feet joints and tendons?

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Why do muscles have to be flexible and soft while tendons have to be hard and tough?

Just coz

The quality of the soil on which the horse works is very important which hurt the horses joints and tendons the most?

A horse should have a mixture of hard and soft soil, if not it could stress or strain the tendons.

What are bones held together by?

Bones are held together by flexible and tough bands of flesh called tendons. Tendons are usually very hard to break, but if they are snapped, take a long time to heal.

Do fingers have tendons?

Yes, fingers have tendons.

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How do tendons relate to movement?

Tendons attach muscle to bone.

Location of tendons?

Tendons attach muscles to bones.