Why are teachers so bossy?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Because they want you learn and go to college

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Q: Why are teachers so bossy?
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Why are teachers bossy not fun?

they can be bossy sometimes, but im going to say no because my teacher ROCKS HARDER THEN ANY OTHER TEACHER. GO MRS.CALLAWAY

What are 5 examples of bossy in sentences?

Her friend was bossy. Why are you so bossy? His coworkers did not like his bossy attitude. The boy rebelled because he thought his parents were too bossy. Being bossy is not a good way to have a lot of friends.

How do you make a sentence out of the word bossy?

The 4-year old was so bossy even other children didn't like her.A boss doesn't need to be bossy to make people do their work.The younger worker sounded so bossy with his peers, his boss had to warn him to stop.

Is Britney Young a bossy boots?

Yes she is a massive bossy boots! She is so annoying!

Why are grown-ups so bossy?

Hormones and what nto

Another name for bossy?

Bossy boots

Can you give me a sentence with de word boosy?

Judging by the way you spelled "the," I'm sure you misspelled the word "boosy" as well, so let me see if I can figure out what you actually meant to write. I'm going with bossy. Her bossy manner made her few friends. Don't be so bossy!

What is the birth name of Mike Bossy?

Mike Bossy's birth name is Michael Jean Bossy.

Is MJ bossy?

He can be bossy in a good humoured way!

Is Willow Smith bossy?

It looks like she is not bossy

What is a synonym for bossy?

Best synonym for bossy is KING.

How do you get your friend to be less bossy?

You need to let them be bossy and in life they will succeed in many different ways then you maybe..... But how do you know you could be bossy to so you might have it = together. But if she threats you its a big deal and tell a teacher, mum or dad, Never tell a friend....