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Support groups provide a safe and caring place for members to discuss their shared health (or other) concern. Discussion may consist of sharing daily struggles, as well as learning new information about their issue, and how to cope with it. Support groups exist both locally and online. However, depending on the issue local support groups may be hard to find.

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Support groups are usually run by people who have experienced the same 'complaint' or 'condition' as visitors to the group. They are able to share their experience - which may make a new visitor less anxious about their illness.

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Q: Why are support groups beneficial?
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How are support groups beneficial for people with Marfan syndrome?

Support groups are often good sources of information about Marfan; they can offer helpful suggestions about living with it as well as emotional support.

Are there any good bipolar support groups?

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance is a very good bipolar support groups

What groups are available to support a recovering orchiectomy patient?

In addition to individual psychotherapy, support groups are often helpful. There are active networks of prostate cancer support groups in Canada and the United States as well as support groups for men's issues in general.

Where can I find a gastric bypass surgery support group?

Often your bariatric surgeon will supply you with information regarding support groups. But you can also look on line for local support groups as well as online support groups.

What are the beneficial effects of cleansing agent?

support healthy aging

Treatments for schizophrenia include?

All of these ---> Medication Support groups for families of sufferers Support groups for sufferers

What are some cancer support groups?

Some cancer support groups are available through the Macmillan Cancer website. Other cancer support groups are CANCERactive, Ovacome UK and Crazy Hats.

Are there support groups for people with Asperger's Syndrome?

Yes. There are online and local support groups. There are support groups for individuals with Asperger's Syndrome and for the families of individuals with AS. If you go to the OAASIS website listed in the "Related Links" section, it has information on support groups.

Where can I find advice on support groups?

It depends on what you need support for. A lot of support groups are run through local hospitals or religious organizations, so you could contact them to see if there are any groups offering the type of support you need in your area.

Are there bipolar support groups near Chicago?

Local bipolar support groups can be easily found by checking out the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance's group locator on its website. Yes, there are quite a few support groups in the greater Chicago area.

Are there any support groups for congenital birth defects?

There are many support groups for congenital birth defects. Some of these groups are for general support, while others provide support for the specific birth defect. The best source for finding these groups would be to consult with the child's pediatrician for local resources.

Which social groups support the Tommy Douglas and the medical system?

Many social groups support Tommy Douglas and the medical system. Most Canadians are pleased with the system. Groups in support of Tommy include labor groups as well as social activists.