Why are some men heartless?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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beacase they dont care

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Q: Why are some men heartless?
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Are women more heartless than men?


Why do women think men are gay if he say that he can live without women?

because they're the one who cant live without men and money Some women are heartless and don't care, technically, men can't live without women.

Why are some boys so heartless?

hormone imbalance

How do Emblem Heartless exist?

Emblem Heartless are artificial Heartless created by Ansem the Wise for his research on Heartless.

Why would a guy tell you your heartless when he knows you are not?

He's just mad for some reason and is trying to hurt your feelings by calling you heartless. Maybe he wants you to pay more attention to him or something. But you are not heartless, no one is.

How do you use the word heartless in a sentence?

Bullies are heartless. Heartless comments hurt.

What is the plural of heartless?

Multiple heartless are heartless! Just like fish or sheep.

What are sentences for heartless?

No trees are heartless.

Why would you abuse an animal?

Because some people are heartless .

Is Donald a Heartless?

No. He is not a heartless, and never has been.

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Sora's Heartless was Pureblood, since it was neither created by Ansem the Wise nor marked with the Heartless symbol.

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Technically neither. Xehanort became a Heartless, and that Heartless called himself "Ansem."