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because they eat lots :D

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idk i just came here for my English assignment

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Q: Why are so many different foods provided at one meal in china?
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What are some common foods in china?

Many different types of rice (grains), vegetables, pork, goose, poultry, authenic vegetables from China, peppers, spices, etc. There are so many foods. * also seafood and fish. Squid, prawn, scallops, clams, oysters. check the link.

What health benefits come from Hills cat food?

Many options are provided. Some foods target renal health; others target glucose levels and some are even for weight loss. Different foods provide different benefits.

How many different kinds of foods are there in Kenya?

There are exactly 43 different foods in Kenya.

How many different types of foods are there and how do they taste?

many many foods some of them taste good

What minerals can be obtained from such foods?

There are many different minerals you can get from different foods. You usually get different minerals from fruits than you do vegetables.

Can two different foods contain the same nutrient?

Yes. Many different foods contain the same nutrients.

How many pounds does it take to feed 22 people?

It depends on how much every person weighs. It also depends on how big or little they are. Then it depends on what sort of food is provided. Different foods not only weigh different amounts, but provide different levels of nutrition for different weights.

What are the calories in different foods?

There are so many types of foods out there, that it really depends on what the food is.

Why is China big?

because china concord many parts of different places

What foods are eaten in south China?

Cantonese cuisine, found in southeastern China, rarely uses herbs, unlike other southern Chinese and Southeast Asian cuisines. Many foods are stir fried or steamed.

What type of food does France have?

they have many different foods

Who is the founder of Chinese religion?

There are many different religions in China so there are many different founders.