Why are people so shady?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Not all people are shady and out for themselves, but I will admit since the millennium it appears more and more people are going after that one big bone in the center of the world. It's all about money and getting a piece of the pie and many of the times it's about position and power. It's become a 'me' or 'whatever' society, but every so often you come across some very nice people. What many don't realize is you can still be fair and nice person, but stern and business conscience without being shady. People that are of shady character want more than the rest, but believe me, 'the head of the snake turns around and bites them in the butt.' This means we all have to pay our dues sooner or later and answer for what we have done. In the case of a shady character someone will do it back to them one day.

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Q: Why are people so shady?
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