Why are men such pigs?

Updated: 9/7/2023
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Because the women that they are with LET them be!!!!

Society holds women to different standards than men are held to. It's a serious problem really. Women are sexually objectified, while the majority of men are less than attractive(by the physical standards women are held to) and don't maintain the same hygienic standards that women are expected to uphold.

Women are really the ones who hold the power to making men pigs or not. Women have the capacity to uphold integrity and know the difference between being "sexy" or "sexual". While sex is a natural act, women too often use sexuality as a form of power, rather than to withhold it and use it in it's time and place.

As far as I'm concerned, being female, I won't date a guy who sexualizes women, watches movies that have gratuitous breast shots and I make it clear before I start dating men. My way or the highway...because I enjoy my life and I have morals and values, and I'm not about to let a man disrespect me or womankind. I'm worth it, as far as I'm concerned, and that's how I will live my life and raise my children!

This opinion is common among women. Women, that is, who can't get a man to play along with their fantasies of themselves. When a woman can't manipulate a man, she CANNOT admit it may be her problem, not his. So she calls him a liar, a creep and a pig. Women are always trying to manipulate men into playing their games, instead of relating to one another as adults. Most women can't hear "gosh, you're pretty" too often, but how many tell a man his is handsome, that his clothes are nice or that his cologne is perfect? Women seem to think the man should be willing to debase himself and crawl after her on the off chance she may be interested in him that minute. Then when a man tires of her games and see through her attempts at manipulation, she must blame him in some way. Hence the generalization: all men are pigs. Women often say not they won't date a man who sexualizes women, all the while they reject men because of their height, or their social status, or (especially) their income. How about it women? When will you stop judging a man by these externals/

I don't necessarily believe that all men are pigs. I do however think that there is a BIG misconception about what and how women are and feel. For one, I think that all women should have and enjoy a healthy and adventurous sex life, even if it goes against the grain of every myth ever told about what it is to be a woman. A woman can disassociate "emotions" from just plain having sex. A woman can be visually stimulated and turned on by a handsome man's body...let's face it, who doesn't like a six pack that ends with a V formation, and when I'm out somewhere, trust me I notice who's in the room. Women like to masturbate just as much and for the exact same reasons. All in all, I guess I'm just tired of living with societies stereotype of what I'm suppose to be or feel when I know the only thing I can't do that a man can is pee standing up!

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men r asswholes cuz they r tired of so much drama an the way woman think their always rite

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Q: Why are men such pigs?
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