Why are men possessive?

Updated: 9/6/2023
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In the animal kingdom a male must be dominate to own the most females. We as humans have come a long way but there is still much evolution in the proccess. That's why when a guy checks out someones girl-friend, a fight breaks out, seeing who will dominate who. Hoping the female will be impressed with the winner and be his.

Another thought:

I don t know they are just boys

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It Depends,

some girls will just completely take ova

some girls let the partner be in charge

some girls like a bit of authourity in the realitionship.

you can usually tell which are which when youse r askin each other out,

the girls that like to be in compltete control will come straight up a go "Wanna Go Out" or along those lines

the girls that let the partner be in charge will wait for their "crush" to ask them out if it happens at all

and the girls that like a bit of autority will probably stike up a convo or try an (if u don't alreaduy like them) make u like them and then askin.....but tis is not always the case.

hope i helped =) soulsista1995

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Men like to control there women, because it makes them feel more dominate? if i spelt that right, makes them feel more powerful as all men love. Power and sometimes they forget..

that women and girls are human beings too and they have feelings.. :/ they like to feel there in control !! because shamely enough, that's how men like to think not all men are like this though just most men.for they have been brought up that Man was the greatest if you know what i mean? but im afraid if you find a guy hating to control his women its kinda rareee.. but if you ever do your lucky or hes a wuss or most likely going to be gay :/ .... urmm but you do get guys who are very controlling over there women. but can love them more than anything in the whole world!! :) and there my friend is why Love Is So Screwed up :) let me know if i left something out or somethink :D

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Q: Why are men possessive?
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The possessive form of men is men's, as in men's department

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The possessive form is men's clothing.

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The possessive form of men is men's, as in men's clothing

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The possessive form of "men" is "men's". 'You will find men's jackets on the third floor of that shop.'

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