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Q: Why are male signs made from the forehead?
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Does head size depend on gender?

Well no but male does seem to have the bigger head but if it's the forehead worried about then no I have a big forehead and I'm female

What does two red dots on the forehead mean?

The red sign on the forehead of a lady is a sign of his being married and the husband is alive. On a male's forehead it signifies of worshipping

What black male group song about the zodiac signs?


Why is the sign of the cross made on the forehead when someone is confirmed?

.Catholic AnswerThe Sign of the Cross made on someones forehead in Church is to claim that person for Christ. It is done when a child is brought into the Church before they are baptized as well.

On Pokemon pearl how can you tell male and female Pokemon signs apart?

the blue one is male and the others female

How do you tell if you annoy your boyfriend?

I'm male my slef and when i get a cob on i get a big vain in my forehead and i tend to punch walls, tv's etc.

What are signs of when the world ends?

Christ told his diciples to watch for these signs. Wars and rumors of war. Global economy mark of the beast in hand or forehead increased knowledge and technology Global monetary system (global money system)

Do male and female sign allowed used at food industry?

Within the food industry many signs are utilized. The male signs are used for public and private restrooms within the food industry. Female signs are utilized for private and public restrooms in the food industry.

What are the first signs of male pattern baldness?

Apollo is the king of gods

What are the three most common locations on the body for name signs?

The three most common locations for name signs on the body are the forehead, chest, and non-dominant shoulder. These locations are typically chosen for visibility and ease of access during communication.

What does hoof your forehead mean?

Hoof your forehead means you have a big forehead.

The chin is what to the forehead?

The chin is lower than the forehead which makes the chin inferior to the forehead.