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Well lovers are very special people because you are giving a piece of your hart to them and you love them. You could some time down the line marrie them. They have to be the right person.

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Q: Why are lovers very special person?
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What is a very special person?

A very special person is someone who you deem as special to you. Some people will call their friend a special friend, or say that their lover is special to them. There are many reasons why someone would be consider special to another person.

Does Midsummer Day have a special significance to lovers?

Midsummer's Eve is special to lovers because of a story in Estonian folklore. It is said that if lovers go into the forest on Midsummer's Eve night and find a special flower their love will be blessed.

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A Megge is a very special word for special person.

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very special person or plant

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That means that you must be a very special person and that he thinks you are very special too.

Who is the person that discovered silk?

A very special empress

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That she is a very talent person.

What does the sp mean?

very special person or plant

Why love is special?

love is very beautiful and very pure, its very special and it changes not only life but the person also,love makes feel special about everything that happens ...........

Your grandmother was a very special person. Is this correct grammar?


Is progecto a real spell?

Well it very well depends. If you have special abilities then it could be possible.But you would have to be a very special person.

What if a female say you're a very special person?

If a female says you're a special person, it means you're special to her. She would like to take your relation beyond.

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