Why are guys so hot?

Updated: 9/7/2023
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It is the way we are created. Naturally, Females are attracted to Males and Males are attracted to Females. It is Human Nature. Females may find certain features of guys to be attractive (ripped muscles).

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PEOPLE are hormonal because they're mammals and have hormones. It fits.

If you didn't have hormones you'd be dead, so I guess it's a fair trade.

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Q: Why are guys so hot?
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guys with smokin hot bods are hot guys. when there are veins in there arms cuz they are so muscley, that's hot.

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ew its so not hot get a grip bxtch

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They don't.

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start wearing black . trust me scene guys r so hot

Why do guys have to be so hot?

This answer is being revised by the WIKI ANSWERS crew.

Why are guys hot looking?

because they are guys and guys are hot i mean well some of them are lmaoo

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cause bad guys are normally conceded and only care about themselves so they take good care of their bodies and appearance.

Why do girls think emo guys are so hot?

they are cool mestirious and good kissers

Why are hot guys' butts so spank-able?

Because they look nice and are nice

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They are hot.

If mutliple guys says you are hot are you?

Since multiple guys have said you are hot then it must be true.

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