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They eat away at you

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Q: Why are germs harmful to your bodies?
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What does skin do in the immune system?

The skin is the bodies first barrier to germs. It keeps out harmful germs and bacteria. As long as the germs don't penetrate the skin, they don't cause harm.

Where do lots of harmful germs live?


How can you use harmful in a sentence?

David, with the red ripped shirt, had harmful germs on his body.

Why is the rat harmful to man?

The rats are harmful to man because when there is heavy rain (Storm) there will be flooding and the flood will have many germs and urine of the rats. If you are exposed to these germs you will get Leptospirosis.

What is a common name for a harmful microbe?

The most common name for harmful microbes is germs.

What can harmful germs do?

Germs are of course harmful all of them are harmful! Harmful germs make people sick and cause rare diseases like blood diseases and like swine flu. Remember that germs right now are in your hands and wash them with soap and water before eating, after eating, and after going to the bathroom, since germs are also living things they can be harmful.Also germs spread when after playing in dirt you dont wash hands and touch the door of the house or school some germs spread from your hands to their hands and then they spread when someone else touches the door: go to Google, type germs and see images of those things in hands! Dont get away!

Do your own germs harm you?

No, and you don't have 'your own germs' they are given to you by other people... most of which are not harmful. Answered a brit ;)

Can germs live on inanimate objects?

Germs can live on anything. If by harmful bacteria, then yes. They can. Even inanimate objects.

What is disinfectant used for?

a disenfectent is used to kill harmful germs

What germs do moths carry?

Moths do not carry germs that are harmful to humans. However, their wings and bodies can accumulate dust and dirt, which may trigger allergies or asthma in sensitive individuals. It is always best to regularly clean and maintain a clean environment to prevent potential health issues.

Are germs harmful bacteria?

Germs is a broad term that includes bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa. While not all germs are harmful, some bacteria can indeed cause infections and illnesses in humans. It's important to distinguish between harmful and beneficial bacteria for proper health management.

What are harmful microbes?

Harmful microbes are germs ,they cause various diseases i.e Bacteria,fungi,protozoa & viruses etc