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to know if there is any progress on the client on their daily activity, or to change any changes in there care plan and also if there need more development

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Q: Why are care plans reviewed on regular basis?
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What is forerunner of todays managed care plans?

forerunner of today's managed care plans?

Why are pre hospital emergency care guidelines updated on a regular basis?

Additional information and evidence indicate that the effectiveness of certain interventions has changed

Do care plans have to be locked away in care homes for the elderly or can they be placed on their rooms?

Care plans do not have to be locked away in the care homes for the elderly as they can be kept on their rooms.

What is meant by needs-led and service led planning and their relevance for reviewing care plans?

Service led means assessing the service user in respect of the services that are available and would best meet their needs. Needs led means identifying an individual's needs and planning the best way that they can be met irrespective of what is currently available. Care plans should be reviewed on the basis of "does this service meet the needs of the service user or should more appropriate means be considered?" For a more fuller answer, go to:

Are health plans health care providers?

No. Health plans are health insurance plans. Health care providers are made up of physicians, physican assistants, nurse practitioners, and such.

What type of health care plans do MediCare provide?

MediCare provides health care and prescription drug plans. Health care plans help to pay for medical visits to the doctor and the procedures that that may entail. Prescription drug plans help to cover the cost of medication for the individual.

Where could one find information on nursing care plans?

There are several internet sites that purport to give information on nursing care plans. However, what you are probably interested in is nursing home plans, these are basically insurance programs for long term care.

How may managed care plans be said to offer attractive services?

enrollment in managed care plans increased dramatically throughout the 1990s. In 1999, more than 107 million people were enrolled in one of four types of managed care plans

How do managed care plans attempt to reduced the cost of prescription medications?

A well managed care plan will be able to show if a patient/client is really needing all or just some of their prescribed medications or even if the prescribed medication is working. It may need to be reviewed and a cheaper more effective alternative could be used.

Where can someone go to purchase dental care insurance?

To purchase dental care insurance, you can check out plans from multiple companies at Dental Plans or Care Plus. You can also go through the insurance companies directly; Cigna and Humana both offer dental plans.

What is the purpose of the care plan?

Documents treatment goals and plans for future care within a facility or following discharge.