Why are brother's so annoying?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Well its really simple see if you have a twin one of them really wants to have a other type of personalty so they try to be the opiate of each other so they can have a other personalty and so pretty much one is proper and very happy and the other causes all the trouble and some want to feel bigger then the other person!!! see ya:)

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They are only annoying, because they look up to you(If their your smaller brother) If their your older brother their probably trying to show you off.(I know that's really hard to believe)

brothers all ways blame the sister but girls should be in charge as they are much better.

So your kid brother is bugging you? He's jealous that you're able to mess with the computer and he isn't. And he soooo wants to be like you, you know. You're the BIG kid!

If he's bored, give him something to do. Get him to play with his game system in the same room with you. See, he wants to do something that he thinks looks like what you do. Besides, playing with him might be fun.

Teach him what you are doing. Nothing bores little kids more than trying to do what big kids do. He'll wander away after a few minutes, especially if you land on a boring site with no pictures.

Take a tip from your parents, pay attention to him! He loves you and wants to be like you, so think of it as a compliment and take a little time to make sure that he knows you love him too. The world won't end if you just do a little something with him. He'll be happy and you've accomplished the best thing in the world. You helped him become a better kid.

But there's always times when he does it on purpose to annoy you. Accept it...and ignore him. He'll go away when he figures out that you aren't buying into his game. You have to be the one to take the mature path.

It's because they don't respect so make him respect you.

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Q: Why are brother's so annoying?
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