Best Answer is important because it helps to exercise the body. improves the structure of the patient.

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Q: Why are body mechanics important when moving a patient?
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When lifting a patient it is important to use good body mechanics the nurse aide should?

bend at the knee

Why is there a need to apply the principles of body mechanics when transferring and mobilizing disabled client?

Because if you do not follow propper body mechanics you could hurt the patient or get hurt.

What special skills does a physical therapist need?

A physical therapist needs to be patient and understanding. They also need to know about muscles in the body and body mechanics.

Why is it important to use proper body mechanics?

It prevents musculoskeletal strains to the back and other body structures such as the knees, neck, shoulders, and wrists.

Where can I learn more about body mechanics?

One can learn more about body mechanics by going on a website called Body Mechanics Online. One can also read about them online at Wikipedia or other informational websites.

Why is it important to use good body mechanics?

cause u hav 2 know ur math that way u can count

What are the 3 principles to body mechanics?

Proper body mechanics are vital for prevention of injury and disability.3 principles to body mechanics are :Maintaining proper spinal alignment .Widen Base of Support and Center of Gravity.Good Lifting Technique.

Why are butts part of the human body?

A person has large muscles there which are important in moving the leg and walking.

What do mechanics use trigonometry for?

Mechanics use trigonometry to find angles mostly used in body or chassis work.

What are diifferent word for object?

a "body" "moving body" an "object" is moving with constant velocity. [OR] a "body" is moving with constant velocity.

What is boimechanics?

The study of the mechanics of a living body, especially of the forces exerted by muscles and gravity on the skeletal structure.The mechanics of a part or function of a living body, such as of the heart or of locomotion

Why are the ABC's most important to first aid?

A: AirwayB: BreathingC: CirculationIf the airway is obstructed the patient will not be able to breath and will die. Breathing is as important because without Oxygen the patient will die. The circulation spreads the Oxygen around the body.

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