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A blood clot that gets stuck in the brain is a stroke, in the heart it's a heart attack, in the lungs it's a pulmonary embolism and in the leg it's a deep vein thrombosis. All of which can kill you.

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If blood clots in the arteries it is likely to travel to a vital organ like the brain or lung or heart and block the flow of blood causing stroke or other organ damage

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Blood clots are life threatening because it can lead to stroke and even death of not caught early. A clot can break off and travel to another part of the body and this can be very dangerous.

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Q: Why are blood clots life threatening?
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What life threatening complications can develop from thrombophlebitis?

The big threat are blood clots which might move to critical locations such as the brain or lungs.

What is the medical term meaning treatment to dissolve blood clots in a blocked coronary vessel?

When the clot is life threatening, doctors may use drugs called thrombolytics that quickly break up (dissolve) clots. These treatments are given in an emergency room or hospital. Because thrombolytics can cause sudden bleeding, they're used only in life-threatening situations.Some examples of thrombolytic drugs are:- tissue plasminogen activator- streptokinase- urokinaseThrombolysis is the medical term meaning the use of drugs to dissolve blood clots (thrombolytics).

Can a blood clot in your cheek be removed and is a blood clot in your cheek life threatening?

A blood clot in your cheek is life threatening and you would have to have surgery for the clot to be removed.

Had three blood clots is it warfarin for life?

Sorry, but yes.

Is a blood clot on the brain life threatening?


Are large red blood cells life threatening?

well you dont want your blood cells to big or to small the red blood cells are what keeps your blood flowing the correct way so yes red blood cells are life threatening.

Blood clots during your period?

blood clots doing my period

Why blood clots do not form in a blood donation?

They do not form in a blood donation because blood clots are out of our anotomy

Can a blood clot go from your lung to your brain?

This practically never happens in clinical practice. You get blood clots from deep veins of the legs. Usually the patient is bed ridden and blood get clotted there. when the clot get dislodged from there, it reaches the lungs to give you pulmonary embolism. That may be a very serious life threatening condition.

Why are you having watery blood with blood clots?

Watery blood with blood clots can be a sign of miscarriage. You can also have an unusual menstrual cycle. If you have watery blood with blood clots you need to go to a doctor.

Can blood clots delay you period?

No. Blood clots are part of a normal period.

If a mosquitoe bites you on a scab can you get blood clots?

If a mosquito bites you on a scab you will not get blood clots. This bite may cause major irritation but it will not give you blood clots.