Why are all boys the same?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Boys are not all the same. Possibly all the ones you have known personally are similar, but there are lots more you haven't met, some of whom are quite different.

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Q: Why are all boys the same?
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Girls have it better than boys?

not at all were all the same

Do all boys hit puberty?

yes ,they do but not all at the same time.

Are all Swedish boys cute?

Like everywhere on Earth no one looks the same. All Swedish boys aren't cute.

If thirty quail all look the the same are they all the same sex?

That is not necessarily true, if triplets all looked the same and there where two boys and one girl, but, both boys looked and had the same lenght of hair as their sister does that mean they where all one sex?That is called fraternal triplets.

Why are boys such assholes?

Cause they just are .. they're all the same.

Why are boys mean behind your back to girls?

all boys/guy arent not the same. but never trust them.

How are boys made?

Hello, Boys are made the same way all humans are made, sex. Hope I Helped

Does an age level include all boys or girls born in the same year?

same year

Why do boy get so annoying?

Girls for some reason are more patient than boys. But it depends on the boys cause not all boys are the same. If you get what I mean..

All boys or girls born in the same year?

age grade

Are there any boys that will like you because you aren't popular like those giggling girls?

Yes. All boys are not the same, and they don't all like the same things. If you are more serious-minded than other girls, you are probably more attractive to more mature boys.

Are there girls better than boys?

there are a few but not all.were all the same (from a boy)