Why are Americans so annoying?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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"because they always say stupid things like "jerk" and "corndog" and "soda". they are stupid big headed twats with a stupid whiney accent


okee, above is prolly an answer by a british kid/adult or sumfin, and actually... americans are annoying cuz of their power, they still got that. they take that power and turn it to annoying crap, they make it seem like they're the boss, they're better, and i'm half american, but i really can accept this... go to this link for more opinions!


anooying american^ your voices are so squeeqy and you are the most hated country in the world

_________________________________Englishmen Do It Better___________

The problem with America is. Too many people A, Eat far too much.

B, think they are intelligent when they are not.

C, Assume they created, invented, saved everything that ever existed.

D, Because they have a lot of money as a nation, they think they own the world.


F, Changing the ENGLISH language for no reason.

G, their total lack of tact. SEEING EYE DOG??? How bloody offensive is that?

Talk about rub it in the poor sod is already blind ffs with you reminding the blind person that their dog's alright, he can see. GUIDE dog is so much nicer.

H, Rednecks.

I, George Bush and that re***ded son of his.

J, CANDY - the word is sweets.

K,SOCCER! How very dare you! We invented FOOTBALL and you claim the word for Grid Iron. Because, the FOOT connects with the BALL. Your game is almost Rugby.


M, Every year some nutter goes on a killing rampage? WTF?

N, COUNTRY AND WESTERN MUSIC!!!! Devil's own houseband, the Good Old Inbred Racist Boys.

M, the whole country has no clue about HISTORY, WORLD EVENTS, WORLD GEOGRAPHY

Plus side:

You did give us CHEERLEADERS though. And sexy looking police women. And popcorn entertainment tv and film you can enjoy without thinking about.

Oh BTW, don't knock it, most of your women love our accents :D

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Q: Why are Americans so annoying?
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