Why am I such a flirt?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Maybe it is because you flirt with all the boys in your grade. From the football player with the soft hair and the hot smile to the computer nerd who is always ditching class to buy the new i phone, they are always on your heels waiting for you to say a flirty comment that hits them straight in the eye. You sing your melodies that can be heard from ballparks downtown and you walk with the strut of a model. Does that answer your question?

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Q: Why am I such a flirt?
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What is a pathological flirt?

Pathological flirt is same as genetic flirt. It runs through your blood that your basically flirt. When someone flirt with you, you do the same flirt thing.

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Can you flirt?

Yes, a person can flirt. They just have to be careful and not flirt with the wrong people.

How do you get a boy who likes you to ask you out when your in fifth grade?

Flirt,flirt,Flirt i got my first boyfrined in 5th grade and all i had to do was flirt

A guy likes you a lot and you kinda like him but your not allowed to date what do you do?

Flirt, flirt, flirt!!!!

How can you flirt with a girl if you are a girl also?

You flirt with a girl like you would flirt with a guy.

What is the Hebrew word for flirt?

to flirt = פלירטט (fleertet)flirt (noun) = פלירט (fleert)

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How do you use 'flirt' in a sentence?

John is the biggest flirt in the school.Ashley is known to flirt with older boys.

How do girls get a boyfriend?

Well, you've got to think, a girl wants someone that CAN put off sex for another time, and that's a huge part, not saying that a girl will never have sex with you, but you have to wait for them. You can't MAKE someone like you, because if they don't already ---> they aren't worth it, honestly. But a girl likes a guy that can come over cuddle watch a movie what ever.. just hangout, sometimes a girl needs a friend more than a boyfriend, and vise versa but the thing is, what's even better is a boyfriend and friend in one, so make sure to keep her feelings in mind while you're thinking of what you plan to do. Also, if you really like a girl but she hasn't noticed you very much, she COULD like you, girls like guys to make the first move, and don't feel bad about rejection because that girl ISN'T the last one on earth. ANSWER: Thats the type of thing you really dont choose. its not like you will have to marry him. Its always good to try different guys. Keep your mind open when it comes to guys- usually every single one of them is a different person than what they put out to be- Usually the only way you can discover that other side is if you are his very best friend or if you are his girlfriend.

Why girls flirt?

girls flirt to get a guys attention