Why a woman should never MOVE IN with a man?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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familiarity breeds contempt, and the best way to lose a friend is by living with them

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Q: Why a woman should never MOVE IN with a man?
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Should you be scared of him?

a woman should never be scared of a man because woman are just as powerful as men.

Should a man push a woman to drink more?

NEVER. No one should do that to anyone.

Lady Gaga was never a man was she?

No, has never been a man, will never be one. She was born a woman, is a woman, will always be a woman.

How can a man force a lady for sex?

You should never force anyone to do anything. If a woman does not want to have sex with you then you should respect her decision and move on. Forcing her to have sex is considered to be rape in most civilised countries and that is illegal.

Is ladygaga a man or a woman?

lady gaga was never a man

When with a Woman how often should the Man be in control?

He is never in control. No matter how much women let them think they are

What things can you do to see if a guy schoolmate is gay?

The eyes never lie. Watch if his eyes move when a man or woman enters the room. They are a dead giveaway.

Did Lady Gaga was a men?

no she is a woman a full woman she was born is a woman, never had been a man

Is Chris Brown a woman?

Chris Brown is not and will never be a woman, he is all man.

How do you feel about a man and woman earning the same salary for performing the same job?

I Think that man and woman should never be judged because of their Gender a man didn't choose to be a man and a woman didn't choose to be a woman, it is Nature's work. we all have different decisions in life, but deciding your Gender is not one of them, it is a gift from God. So, yes it is good that a woman is getting paid the same amount of money for performing the same Job that a man performs. The world was never meant to be segregated.

What do you do when the woman you love marries another man?

You acknowledge and move on.

How long do a man and woman wait to move in with each other?

You should wait until marriage. But that is a decision the two of you need to make together.