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Because he wants to know if you are doing well or not and also he wants to show his ex that he's better and make you think that you regret to broke up with him.

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Q: Why a guy wants to party with his ex girlfriend?
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Why would a guy want to party with his ex girlfriend even though he has a girlfriend?

Wants to have his cake and eat it too. In reality though he probably doesn't know what he wants and doesn't want to commit to anything but just enjoy the moment.

Wife wants to continue bisexual relationship with ex girlfriend?

your wife if guy

Should you trust a guy when he says he wants to hold off talking so he can get over his ex?

no because most likely he wants to get back wiht his ex girlfriend. i ama guy and i have seen this first hand but i have never done it

What should you do if your ex wants you back and you are already going out with another guy?

Choose between them, if you left your ex for a good reason then continue dating your new girlfriend/boyfriend.

How can you get your ex-girlfriend back now that she is dating a new guy?

Just tell her the 3 words every girl wants to hear I was wrong.

What is the name of the song where the guy is singing about all the bad things he wants to happen to his ex-girlfriend?

I pray for you. i love this song, it is so funny!

Should you go back to your Ex girlfriend if she broke up with you go out with another guy but then broke up with him and now wants you back?

No. She just wants the other guy to be jealous. She either still likes you or is 'player'-ish.

An ex boyfriend I called it off invited you to a house party hosted by his new girlfriend the invites consist mostly of his friends most of them that you have met before?

He either still wants to remain good friends with you, or he wants to rub his new girlfriend in your face.

Why does his ex girlfriend shows up at his house when I am not there?

she wants to get back with him

How do you get your ex girlfriend back if she has another boyfriend and wants to talk to you still?

If she was real, she will not become an ex.

What do you do when your girlfriend still talks to her ex-boyfriend's family and now wants you to meet them?

Kill the ex bf

You love your ex girlfriend and she loves you you both want to get back together But she is dating this guy How can she break up with him to go out with you in a way that will be less painful?

If she wants to leave this other guy then she will do so when she is ready by being honest.