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He's not happy or he's bored with his current situation.

Or maybe, he's planning someting good.

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Q: Why a guy friend stop talking with no reason?
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How do you break up with a guy that's your best friend?

To break up with a guy who is your best friend do this. Talk to him about the matter. Tell him the reason and stop talking to him.

How can you tell what your guy friend is thinking?

If your guy friend keeps looking at your & he won't stop talking to you & looking you straight in the eyes he wants u.

What if you tell your guy friend you like him and he stops talking to you?

i tryed that, just stop talking to him, and then he'll come start talking to you again

How can you know if the guy you like likes you if your friend wont stop talking to him?

You can tell if he is focusing on you. Yes your friend is talking but if his attention is on you, he wants you to talk and speak up. You could also ask your friend to be quiet when it is just you two.

A woman passed by her friend and saw her talking to a guy So she asked her Who's this guy Her friend replied My mom is the mother of his mom and my husband's brother is his uncle Who is that guy?

That guy her friend is talking with is the son of her friend.

If a guy startes talking to a girl for no reason what does it mean?

A guy talking to a girl for no reason could mean that he is interested in her or that he simply wants to talk.

Which guy should you stop talking?

the one that is not mature

Why is your friend talking the guy that you like and she knows?

Maybe because she's not a true friend?

What should you do if your boyfriend wants you to stop talking to your best friend who is also you a guy?

You could tell him that your best friend is important to you and you love him just in a different way, and you are not going to stop talking to him just because he is a guy. When your boyfriend explains to you that he is jealous of him --or afraid of it becoming more than just a friendship, then you should tell him that relationships take trust, and that he should trust you if he wants to be with you. Promise him that your best friend is just a best friend, not another boyfriend. Hang out with both of them together sometime, and kiss your boyfriend in front of your best friend, show your boyfriend that you he is important to you in a way that differs from your best friend. Don't stop talking to your best friend for a guy that will eventually dump you anyway. If he can't trust you, you won't be able to hold on to the relationship very long. (at least, not happily)

What does it mean when a guy tells you he likes you but he tells you he doesnt want a girl friend when you start talking but after you stop talking he has a girlfriend?

Im sorry to say but it means while he was with you he just wanted a "friend with benefits". And did not consider you g/f material. Not trying to be mean..

Why doesn't sam stop talking?

He's a nice guy!

What if a guy that used to like you after a whole year starts staring at you all the time after you guys stop talking?

he still likes you, but, think about the reason ya'll broke up, theres a reason hes an ex