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why a boy wants to be the first boy in girl's life... when a girl first fall for a boy, it's so real and true and serious.. lucky is the boy she loves so deep.. and why girl wants to be the last girl in boy's life... a girl doesn't like to be hurt over and over again.. and since boys have many girlfriends, it's lucky for a girl to win his heart and be hers forever.. ----Prabhakar Gautam

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Q: Why a boy wants to be first boy in girl's life why a girl wants to be the last girl in boy's life?
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A lesbian is a girl who wants to have "relationships" with other girls, not boys.

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Why a boy wants to be the first boy in girls life and why a girl wants to be the last girl in boys life?

Well, this really depends on each and every person's feelings and ways of thinking. There really is no right or wrong, and maybe the boy or girl just wants to be that way! As long as the other agrees, then there is no tension, which is exactly what most couples are concerned about.