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its not totaly banned its banned only on below 12 years.

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Q: Why Nimuslide drug has banned?
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Is Combiflam a banned drug outside India and what is the reason of it?

Combiflam is an over the counter medication which treats colds and flu. It is not a banned drug in most countries outside of India for the reason that it is generally harmless.

Is opium expensive?

Probably. However, opium is a banned drug, it is illegal just like heroine, etc...

5 famous athletes that have been banned for drug use?

Ben Johnson Justin Gatlin Marion Jones Tim Montgomery Antonio Pettigrew

What Is BSCG?

BSCG is a Banned Substances Control Group. BSCG Certified Drug Free: We have a Program for you. Certification is available to supplement companies, manufacturing facilities, ingredient providers, teams and athletes. We are the only program to offer testing for drugs of concern to elite athlete, equines & canines, and consumers. You Get information related keywords :- Supplement Certification Supplement Testing Supplements for Sport Supplements for Athletes Safe Supplements Drug Free Supplements WADA Approved Supplements Supplement Information for Athletes Military Approved Supplements Supplement Adulteration GMP Testing Drug Tested Supplements Drug Testing and Supplements Supplement Safety Clean Supplements Banned Substance free Supplements BSCG Certified Drug Free Workplace Supplements For Athletes Drug Programs Dietary Supplements Dietary Supplements Products Dietary Supplement Testing Herbal Dietary Supplements GMP Certification Food Supplement Banned Substance Control Group Drug Testing in Sports Banned Sports Supplements Drug Testing in Sport Supplements in Sports Product Certification Programs Product Testing and Certification GMP Supplement Good Manufacturing Practice Health Supplement Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers Product Certification Process Adulteration Sports Doping Doping and Sports Doping Sports World Antidoping Agency Visit Website : www(dot)bscg(dot)org

Is the IHSA Banned Substance List is comprised of four drug classes?

Yes a. Stimulants b. Anabolic Agents c. Diuretics and Other Masking Agents d. Peptide Hormones and Analogues

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