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Because she's too cool to be married. From Alana and MAthilde we rock hahahahah oh yeah and MAthilde is Already engaged to a unicorn who lives in Platypus land Alana is married to a caterpillar named romeo who lives like a hobo.Duh.

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Q: Why Mathilde is not happy with her Husband?
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What does Mathilde's husband do to try to make her happy?

He gets an invitation to a ball.

In “The Diamond Necklace”, Mathilde’s husband attempts to make her happy by?

In “The Diamond Necklace”, Mathilde’s husband attempts to make her happy by:

In The Diamond Necklace Mathilde's husband attempts to make her happy by?

In “The Diamond Necklace”, Mathilde’s husband attempts to make her happy by:

When is Mathilde most happy in the story the necklace?

Mathilde is most happy when she is able to attend the fancy ball with her husband. She feels beautiful and admired in a luxurious setting, surrounded by fine things and high society. However, her happiness is short-lived as she later discovers she has lost the borrowed necklace.

What are the character of Mr. Loisel?

Mr. Loisel is a supportive and caring husband to Mathilde in "The Necklace." He goes to great lengths to make Mathilde happy, such as giving her money for a dress she wants to wear to a fancy event. He is also patient and understanding, even when faced with challenges caused by Mathilde's actions.

How would you characterize Mathilde's husband in the story the necklace?

I would describe her husband as a loyal man to Mathilde even though he does not quite understand her wants. He is hard working as well, for he works off the debt for the necklace, all for Mathilde.

When in the story the necklace Mathilde most happy?

when she went to the party

Why does Mathilde leave the party in a rush?

She is embarrassed by the wrap her husband brought for her.

Put the following events of the lives of Mathilde and Loisel in order beginning with the earliest?

Mathilde borrows a necklace from her friend. Mathilde loses the necklace at the party. Mathilde and her husband, Loisel, spend years working to repay the cost of a replacement necklace. Mathilde and Loisel attend a party hosted by the Minister of Education.

What if the story the necklace was told from her hubsands point of view or mathilde?

If "The Necklace" was told from her husband's point of view, we might gain insight into his perspective on their financial struggles and his reaction to Mathilde's behavior. Alternatively, if it was told from Mathilde's point of view, we could explore her thoughts and motivations more deeply, shedding light on her sense of dissatisfaction and desire for a different life.

What event has the least impact on the plot of 'The Necklace'?

Mathilde has a fine time at the party while her husband naps in another room.

Where does mathilde's husband work?

Hey, I know a girl named Mathilde! She was a Danish foreign exchange student at my school last year!...Wait, she's married?!? Oh, her boyfriend Ricky from back in the States (here) is gonna be ticked......