Why Don't Boys Like You?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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Boy don't like me or you maybe because of our attitude and maybe our physical appearance, i can see those to my self and it's to little because i am still first year high school and a student of CSCST from Argao.

By Christine Rea G. Carin

2.If they smile at you

3. If they look at you

4. If they are not very smart they will try to be smart for you.

5. act weird around you and blush

6. if their friends are whispering and pointing at you

7. if they say i know who likes you................

8. If he acts tough and like a winner

9. smells good

10. best of all IF YOU HAVE BEEN ASKED OUT!!!! but still it could be at his house! yup this is right XD

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because God made them like that he loves you and is protecting you he has a husband waiting for you in his book read The Bible and it will tell you more

for me i cant find som1 lik me im werd i dont comletle like anythng.

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It could be for many different reasons.

- they could be scared of you because maybe you are a bully

- they could think you arn't pretty enough, and maybe you should take some showers

- they might already have girlfriends

- maybe they don't know if you date because you haven't dated anybody recently

- they could think you are too pretty for them

- maybe you should try asking them out

- they could think your self-centered

- maybe they think of you only as a friend

- maybe they think you are a little werid

- maybe you should just get over it

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Q: Why Don't Boys Like You?
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