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Q: Who would help a patient recover lost motor function by illness or injury?
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Who will help patients recover lost motor function caused by illness or injury?

Essencially physiotherapy and strictly proper medicines prescribed by a neurologist.

What are treatment?

Medical care given to a patient for an illness or injury.

Who is an invalid and convalescent?

an invalid is a person suffering from an illness or injury whilst a convalescent is a patient recovering from an illness or medical treatment.

Is patient another abstract noun for the word illness?

No, the noun 'patient' is not an abstract noun. The noun 'patient' is a concrete noun, a word for a person.The noun 'patient' is not related to or a form of the noun 'illness'.A 'patient' may or may not have an illness. A 'patient' is a person cared for for any number of reasons other than illness, for example cosmetic surgery, a personal problem, a minor injury, etc.

How can changes in mental function increase a patient's risk accident and injury?

How can changes in mental functions increase a patient 's risk of accident and injury

Is it possible for a patient with traumatic brain injury to recover 100%?

It depends on the severity of the injury and what kind of injury it is. I can say that it is unlikely for someone to fully recover from a traumatic brain injury, as even the known "miracle recoveries" often report mental fatigue and 'not being the same as before'.

What is a Care given by a specialist to restore or improve function after an illness or injury is called?

it is called rehabilitation

Who is a comatose patient?

Anyone who is in a deep or prolonged state of unconsciousness, usually due to an illness or injury, is considered to be comatose.

Is an insect bite an illness or an injury?

An injury

What is physio?

A physio, better known as a 'Physiotherapist' or 'Physical Therapist' helps restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability.

What is society's standard way of dealing with illness and injury?

Medicine is society's standard way of dealing with illness and injury.

What is the Catholic position on do not resuscitate?

Answer from a Catholic (Catholics in union with the Pope)The Catholic position is that if there is reasonable hope that resuscitation would preserve the patient's life, and that to do so would not represent an undue burden to the patient, then resuscitation would be part of the minimum standard of care. If the patient is not expected to recover from a fatal illness or injury, and has begun to enter the dying process, then to continue to administer resuscitation would most likely be truly burdensome to the patient and not good care for them. In such cases, a do not resuscitate order would be appropriate.