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THe Samaritans

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Q: Who were avoided and considered heretics?
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What was the process to punish heretics?

Every religion deals with heresy differently. For most religions that have terrestrial power, such as Christianity and Islam, heretics were usually tortured and executed along with their followers. For most religions that have not exercised terrestrial power, such as Judaism, heretics were usually excommunicated and avoided since they lacked the power to actually punish them.

Christians who were members of non-Catholic churches were considered what?

According to the Catholic Church, members of the orthodox Churches are technically schismatics, because they do not recognize the pope but have the same basic beliefs. Protestants are technically heretics because they do not believe certain doctrines of the Catholic Church.

Who was considered an outcast in ancient India?

Everyone who was avoided and the poor

When was Roadside Heretics created?

Roadside Heretics was created in 2002.

When was Heretics of Dune created?

Heretics of Dune was created in 1984.

When was Young Heretics created?

Young Heretics was created in 2009.

How did church leaders fight heretics and why?

Because Medieval Christianity had no room for even minor differences in belief. Heretics were seen as "lost sheep," doomed for eternity. Even worse, they were considered dangerous, because others might follow their beliefs.

What is a sentence withthe word heretics in it?

Those people that contradict the Bible are heretics.

How did the church send priest and Friars to find heretics?

They said to them, 'Go out and find heretics'

What is an example sentence for the word heretics?

Heretics in the early church were banished, imprisoned or even killed.

Which circle of hell was medusa Dantes inferno?

she was in ring # 6 which is to Heretics she was in ring # 6 which is to Heretics

What is a Christian considered who is not a member of a Catholic Church?

In the past they would have been called heretics. Today we use more politically correct terms such as Protestant or Orthodox.