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he was Herxas

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Q: Who was the husband of sucheta kriplani?
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How did sucheta kriplani die?

sucheta kriplani die by british

When did Sucheta Kriplani die?

Sucheta Kriplani died on 1974-12-01.

When was Sucheta Kriplani born?

Sucheta Kriplani was born on 1908-06-25.

Who was the first woman who was in azad hind fauj?

sucheta kriplani

Who was the first women chief minister of India?

Sucheta Kriplani

First woman chief minister in India?

Sucheta Kriplani

First woman chief minister?

Sucheta Kriplani is the first woman chief minister of India.

Who is the first women chief minster of India?

  Sucheta kriplani was the first chief minster of India

Who was the first lady governor in U.P?

Sucheta Kriplani (1963 to 1967)

Was sucheta kriplani a freedom fighter?

Sucheta Kriplani (Bengali: সুচেতা কৃপলানী, Hindi: सुचेता कृपलानी) (25 June 1908[1] - 1 December 1974[2][3]), born Sucheta Mazumdar, was an Indian freedom fighter and politician in Uttar Pradesh, India. She became the first woman to be elected Chief Minister of any Indian state.i got it from wikipedia

Who is the first woman minister in India?

Sucheta Kriplani sworn in 1963 as Utter Pradesh Chief Minister to become the first woman to be Chief Minister of any state in India.

When was Shrichand Kriplani born?

Shrichand Kriplani was born on 1958-07-18.