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John Leshing was Dehlia Draycott's lover in the 2007 Nancy Drew movie.

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Q: Who was Dehlia Draycott's boyfriend?
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When were Dehlia Draycotts Birth and death dates?

She died in 1950

Who was dehlia draycotts child?

Ella gordon & Olivia Liddell

What was Dehlia Draycotts daughters name in the Nancy Drew movie?

Jane Brighton

What are all Dehlia Draycotts' movies?

Dehia Draycott was a fictional character in the 2007 Nancy Drew movie.

What was Dehlia Draycotts managers name?

I don't actually know his first name but his middle name was Zachary, that's why she always called him "Z".

Who is dehlia draycott's daughter?

Jane Brighton Dehlia and she was adopted.

Is Dehlia's daughter still alive Does Jane still exist is Dehlia Dracott alive and real How can I ever see if Jane had a baby can I see pics of Dehlia and Jane When did Dehlia Die date wise?

These characters were invented for the Nancy Drew movie. Laura Harring played the part of Dehlia.

What has the author Dehlia N Rebustillo written?

Dehlia N. Rebustillo has written: '@ Seventy'

Where did Dehlia Draycott live?

Dehlia Draycott, played by Laura Harring, is a character in the 2007 movie, Nancy Drew. Dehlia lived in California. The film made $59,666,930 at the box office.

Was Dehlia pregnant?

Dehlia did have a kid, because pictures were first feet up, but after a while, they were shoulders up.

Did Z kill Dehlia Draycott?

Z killed her but said it was because Dehlia went crazy after giving away her child.

Does Dehlia Draycott's kid have children?

Dehlia Draycott is a fictional character from the movie "Nancy Drew". In the movie, her character does not have any children.