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whoever wants to

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Q: Who should move in a long distance relationship?
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You love a girl that loves her boyfriend theyre in a long distance relationship and shes moving there to be with him what should you do?

Its tough but move on. You do NOT want to wreck a relationship. Trust me.

What should you do if you are falling in love in an early relationship and you decide to move 4-5 hours away by car for 1 year but your mate breaks up with you because he does not want long distance?

Then you have a decision to make, whether to move or stay for your relationship. Many people cannot handle a long distance relationship, they need their partner nearby because it is comforting and they need the contact.

Ages are 32 and 35 no kids and never married. Do a long distance relationship or move in together after 2 months?

No question ... long distance.

What do you do if you met a guy on the computer and he doesn't want to be in a Long distance relationship but she says he likes you a lot and you want to be in a long distance relationship with him?

Move on. Meeting a guy on the internet rarely leads to a good relationship. Even worse, it would also be a long distance relationship, which also leads to many complications.

What if your former abused girlfriend moved back home to her kids without notice and expects a long-distance relationship with you which scares you because of many problems with her in the past?

Her kids must be very important to her or she wouldn't have left you for them, this is the way it should be. If you want a relationship with her, move to be near her. If you don't want a long distance relationship and you've had problems with her in the past, then it is time to distance yourself emotionally. Have a talk with her and break it off so you can both move on. The quickest and easiest way to resolve this is to say "no" at the beginning. Distance is an issue for you at this point and you should respect what is important to you. Sometimes practicalities take over what is important in your life.

If you were going out with a guy for one year and then he moves should you just break up or have a long distance relationship?

My advice is to break up, in order for you to meet new guys, who might be even better than your current boyfriend now, if you both agree on it you can have a long distance relationship but long distance relationships, never really work out unless he is going to move back.-for me, it depends on you. if you know can take a long distance relationship then go for it. if you can't just get out of it. I can't tell you what is right to choose because only you yourself know what is right when it concerns about your feelings.

How can you win your ex-boyfriend back when you really like him but he now has a girlfriend and she is about to move but they want a long-distance relationship?

Have you tried flirting?

Which moving company should you use for a long distance military move?

The military will provide a moving company if they authorize the move.

What if your boyfriend moved?

Depending on your age depends on how you can approach this. If you are below 18 and unable to support yourself stay where you are. If you are able to support yourself and over 18 you may consider moving as well. Do a long distance relationship or move on and forget him. These are the choices.

This guy and I have been talking for about 3 weeks and I am about to move to another state and he has told me that a long distance relationship for him will not work. Does that mean he doesnt like me?

Well it doesn't mean he doesn't like you, it just means that he might not want a long distance relationship as he may think that could get complicated and he may not want to be so far away from someone in that kind of relationship.

How do you know your long-distance relationship will last?

There's only one way to know: talk about it with your partner. A long-distance relationship can only work out for a long time if you both know you're meant for each other and want to be with each other. I'm in a long-distance relationship myself; we've talked about it and we both know we truly love each other and want to stay together forever. Right now of course there's the distance between us, but we're doing what we can to meet as often as possible and some day we'll move together.

What should you do if your boyfriend was traded to another hockey team 18 hours away from where you live?

You have a few options. You could move to where he lives. You could attempt a long distance relationship with alot of communication. finally you could always break it off.