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Q: Who said i'd rather go mad than see a psychiatrist?
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Name thing to do when your mad?

Did you mean 'mad' as in mentally ill, or did you mean angry. I'm sure that you meant 'you're mad' (you are mad) rather than 'your mad' (a mad belonging to you).Now to try to answer the question:When you are mad, you see a psychiatrist, you need to seek treatment. There is nothing that the person who is mad can do for themselves, other than seek the help of a professional.When you are angry, you should try to calm down, relax; attempt to find a different perspective or something positive to occupy your mind. Anger will feed upon itself if you let it.

Is it okay to say you are mad than angry?

Being mad is never uttered; it is shown and manifested. anger can be better said and uttered.

How can you earn 1mio dollars as an psychiatrist?

Invent a new and groundbreaking technique. Alternatively, work really hard, or find some very mad, very rich clients (working as a private sector psychiatrist - it pays better).

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He said i am mad in the head cos i keep going off on one and then he say we will have to spilt up and then he say he love me he told me to see a doctor?

Maybe you should talk to a counselor or psychiatrist. It's not necessarily you; it could be him. But talking to someone who's knowledgable about such things could be very helpful.

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