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hmmm i don't know if you have the same textbook but try pg.429 top right...

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Q: Who said do not concern yourself with the way things ought to be but actually are?
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How can you use ought to in a sentence?

The word 'ought' is an auxiliary verb.Example:If you are really sick, you ought to get yourself to a doctor.

Examples of is ought fallacy?

An example of an is-ought fallacy would be: "People are inherently selfish, so we ought to always prioritize our own needs over others." This fallacy incorrectly assumes that because people may have selfish tendencies, it is morally right for them to always act in their own self-interest.

Was Shakespeare affected by censorship?

Yes, all playwrights had to watch out for the censor and in fact they always have to. In Shakespeare's day, you had to be very careful of two things: politics and religion. If you implied that the government ought to be overthrown, or that any religion other than the official one was the right one, you could find yourself in jail. Shakespeare was actually pretty good at avoiding the censors, but he did have to do it.

What are the compulsory things for Muslim women to follow?

Muslim women are ought to wear veils

Did Machiavelli's the prince maintained that a ruler should be more concerned with the way things are rather than the way things ought to be?


What is the past tense of ought?

The past tense of ought is ought.

How do you say ought in past tense?

Ought is already acceptable in past tense. 'Ought to be' is present tense, while 'Ought to have been' or 'Ought to have' is past tense.

What is the difference between empirical and theoretical probability?

Empirical anything is what is observed. Theoretical is a calculation of what things ought to be.

You ought to be ashamed of yourself rehiring Michael Vick as your spokesperson none of my frinds or relatives will buy from you again mv is a piece of garbage?

he is trash

You are not addicted to vicodin but some people think you are what should you do?

See if you can stop taking it for a week with no unpleasant results. If their concern matters to you, it ought to be easy for you to do that to please them. If you are unable to, then you need to reconsider the addiction issue.

What is a sentence with the word ought in it?

A sentence with the word ought in it is: "I ought to be a superstar someday!"

Which is the largest buckshot triple ought double ought or single ought?

Triple ...