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Q: Who said Even the most introverted individual will influence 10000 other people during his or her lifetime?
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Do individual or population evolve?

a population adapts over time. an individual cannot adapt during its lifetime. it happens over many generations.

How did daoism influence Chinese society during dynastic era?

it offered an alternative to Confucianism by emphasizing the individual.

Did Martin Luther king jr have an influence on gay rights?

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No there was not a war going on during Tycho Brahe's lifetime.

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During Blackwell's lifetime, women had no collective representation

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The individual who received the most Oscars was Walt Disney, who received a total of 20 in different categories during his lifetime, and four more after his death.

Was titian popular during his lifetime?


Do confucianist believe in afterlife?

They do not. But they do believe that if you were good during your lifetime then when you die, Confucian will honor you just like you honored him during your lifetime.

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the answer is what roles has galazara held durind his lifetime!

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During an average lifetime: over 2.5 billion times.

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