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Q: Who said Caesar was a husband to all women and a wife to all men?
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In the play Julius Caesar what is the relationship between Caesar and calpurnia?

Husband and wife.

What is the connection between Caesar and Cleopatra?

They were husband and wife

Are female meerkats always the dominant?

Apparently so they are, in human society it has always been said for the men to be dominant and the women to be lower, however, to add some humour, when you see a husband and wife, it is normally the wife hassling and scaring the husband ;)

What is the opposite word of husband?

Wife or Married Women

What movie is it when the husband cheats on the wife with the perfume woman?

The Women (1939)

My friends wife said - if anything happens to my husband I want to marry you?

Tell her husband to watch his back.

If your husband's brother's wife can be called sister-in-law then why husband's sister's husband is not related to you or it is said that there is no term in English to define this relation?

Your husband's brother's wife or your husband's sister's husband have no relation to you. Your brother's or sister's wife or husband is called a sister or brother in-law. You are only related by the marriage between them and your sibling.

What did Julius Caesar wife look like?

As far as is known, there are no portraits of any of Julius Caesar's wives. The Romans, even though they did make busts of women, seemed to have been selective about the women that they sculpted. Caesar's wives are not among the preserved portraits.

How many wife's ok with their husband look at adult magazines?

Most women are not okay when their husband look at adult magazines.

Who was Caesar wife?

The first wife of Julius Caesar was Cornelia Cinnilla.

How did Caesar become a widower?

Caesar became a widower in the usual way---his wife died. Cornelia, Caesar's (perhaps) first wife, is said to have died in childbirth while trying to give birth to their second child. However there are mixed opinions as to exactly when Cornelia died or how long Caesar and Cornelia had been married.

Why did Julius Caesar separate form his wives?

Caesar divorced only one of his three wives. He was with his first wife, Cornelia Cinnilla Miror, until she died in 69 BC. Caesar divorced his second wife, Pompeia, for questions of reputation. In 62 BC she hosted the festival of the Bona Dea ("good goddess"), which was reserved for women at her house. Publius Clodius Pulcher, a young patrician, gained admittance by disguising as a woman. It was alleged that his aim was to seduce Pompeia. Caesar said "my wife ought not even to be under suspicion" and divorced her. In 59 BC Caesar married Calpurnia Pisonis and did not separate.