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Taxes and money gathered from crimes pay for law enforcement courts and prisons that deals with violence.

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Q: Who pays for law enforcement courts and prisons in dealing with violence?
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Is domestic violence a criminal activity?

When sexual or physical abuse is involved, it is a violent crime.

What kind of law enforcement in Ireland?

Ireland has a police force, known as the Garda Síochána, which literally means the guardians of the peace. Ireland has a full legal system with courts, prisons, etc.

Possible solutions for the Iraq war?

Expand their criminal justice system; courts, law enforcement, hospitals, educational institutions, and PRISONS. This will create employment in those fields as well as place the terrorists that refuse to live in a peaceful society.

Why is the breakdown in the criminal justice system considered a societal cause of violence?

The criminal justice system, with its system of courts, judges, lawyers, jails, and prisons, is a key component of preserving and enforcing law and order for the good of society. When that system breaks down -- or public trust is broken in that system -- it leads to anarchy, chaos, and violence.

What is the roll of the circuit courts?

The state Circuit Courts are the courts of original jurisdiction for the trying of all matters pertaining to the enforcement or violation of that state's laws.

Did the Jews know of the existence of the concentration camp?

Yes, everyone did, like they knew of prisons or courts.

Why did attitudes towards domestic violence crime change so much after the 1970s?

The prevailing public and political attitude became that this had been a "silent" problem which preyed primarily on women, for far too long. Several new laws were passed and both law enforcement and the courts stepped up their enforcement activity in this problem area.

Who does a parole officer answer to if they violate a parolee's rights?

They would answer to law enforcement and the courts.

Who was the courts verdict in roe vs wade?

the government is no longer allowed to administer herpes to inmates in California prisons

The Sherman antitrust act was not very effective initially because?

The courts were responsible for enforcement

The enforcement of laws by the police the courts and correctional institutions comprise the?

Criminal Justice System

What cases involve being arrested by federal marshalls?

Marshalls deal with Federal prisoners and their transfer between, to, and from courts and prisons.