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Q: Who makes up the medical information bureau?
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What is MIB and center for life insurance?

MIB stands for Medical Information Bureau and was set up many years ago so that insurance companies have the ability to share medical information on their policyholders and applicants. It makes it more difficult for an applicant to give misleading medical information on the insurance application.

How can you use DNA information?

DNA tells you who or makes up who you are DNA tells you who or makes up who you are

What should be included in a medical check-up report?

In a medical checkup report, all information of the identificatio of the patient should be there and all pertinent findings about the medical check-up. Recommendations are also put there at times as well as the information of the attending physician.

Bureau that set up schools for former slaves?

It is the Freedman`s Bureau

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Information about Hunterdon Medical Centre can be found on their website. If you just type the address into google then it should bring up all the information you need.

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What makes up a database?

A database is made up of related information in Tables and fields.

Why did Taft set up the Bureau of Mines?

The Bureau of Mines was set up to monitor the activities of mining companies.

Where can I find info on bariatric surgical online?

You can find information about bariatric surgial at the medical clinic ccenter on the web, or go to a local medical center and find their website and search up information from them.

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