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Q: Who makes the best hydrolyzed collagen protein product?
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What of protein makes up connective tissue?

Fibrous protein

What is the structural protein that makes up one-fourth of the protein in the body?


The protein in epidermal cells that makes the skin relatively waterproof is?


Does collagen make bone flexible?

Yes. Collagen is a mineral in your bone and marrow that makes your bones flexible yet strong enough to withstand a blow. :)The organic material in bone is collagen. This is a protein which forms long, flexible fibres in the matrix surrounding the bone cells. It is estimated that collagen makes up 25% of the total protein in the body.

What is the most common protein the human body?

The most common and abundant protein is collagen. It makes up about 25% of your body.

What is the definition of cologyn?

Cologyn is another way of spelling collagen, which is the protein that makes up the connective tissue in animals. It makes up about 25% of all of the protein that an animal contains.

What are the effects of moist heat on protein?

When moist heat is introduced to a piece of meat, the protein collagen is converted into gelatin(which is also a protein). This makes the meat more soluble in our bodies.

What is the weight of collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. If a human person weighs 75 kg's, 12,5 - 15 kg's of that is protein. Of this weight again 6 - 7,5 kg's are collagen. Collagen in an average person makes up from 8 to 10 % of body weight.

What makes up collagen fibers?

in tendons then in parts of body that strectch like tubes coming from the bladder

Do men get collagen?

collagen is one of the main protein fibre types that makes up all of the connective tissues in our entire body, so the simple answer is yes.... you've probably been watching one of those beauty adverts which say too much collagen deposition, blah blah blah...

What are the effects of collagen on the skin?

The product Collagen makes scar edges softer , speeds up the job of healing wounds, cuts, abrasions, and irritations. It is raised in the fight against fat and stretch marks. It also soothes stings.

What does collagen do for your bones?

Collagen makes up the matrix of bones